Monday, April 27, 2009


If you’re anything like me then you’re always running around with your iPod and wanting to swap and share tracks (legally I might add) with your friends. This new gizmo, which I will refer to as the iPod to iPod transfer device, (seeing as that it lacks one of those fancy names) has made the process of song sharing that much easier.

Your iPod is attached to your friend’s iPod, using this device as a docking port for both MP3 players. The nice feature of this sharing tool, is that you can set it to Mac or PC formatting and it will ensure a quick transfer (approximately 5seconds for a 3 minute song or a 30 minute video in 3 minutes)

It also allows you to transfer other types of files by simply adjusting the setting to disk drive mode and will work for at least 1 and a half hours on its rechargeable battery life. However, if rechargeable batteries aren’t your vibe, never fear, the tool comes with an AC adaptor that charges the tool in 4 hours.

The tool also acts as a charger as it charges your iPods when connected.

Remember I mentioned something along the lines of “legality?” Well, songs transferred with DRM (AKA Digital Rights Management) will require the appropriate password authorization in order to work on the accompanying iPod.

All in all … a lovely, lightweight and reasonably priced option ($99.95) to consider when you and your mates are sitting at the café for a song swapping session

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