Friday, April 3, 2009


So recently the homie DJ Crooked was over at the crib & his hatred of Lupe Fiasco came about when he saw my autographed & framed copy of "Kick Push". It's been up there since before the Hip-Hop Honors incident where Lupe messed up some A Tribe Called Quest Lyrics, but Crooked won't let me live it down.

Upon watching Hip-Hop Honors he mentioned this clip of Big Daddy Kane above. Some serious heat by some short guy (T.I.), Black Thought (without Sunglasses) & Common on the breakdancing.

Later this week the homie Cocoe sent me a podcast of Mr. Big Daddy Kane w/ The Band Connie Price & The Keystones at his super dope party in the OC called Abstract Workshop on 3/21/09 if you missed the party, it's all good . . . just check the recording

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