Friday, March 13, 2009

These DJ's don't take requests

So lastnight I was @ Bar Lubitsch spinning with DJ Lady Sha. Every DJ's worst nightmare are people who request songs. Next time bring the record and I'll play it next time you come thru. Excuse the rudegirl, but this is speaking on the other side of the booth. Don't get me wrong, requests can be cool sometimes, but please don't throw us off ;)

I thought it was funny what all my other friends that spin were commenting about my status. Those words were heard from JUN.. a buyer for Amoeba's in LA. I was laughin for about 2 hours, and could not stop as the comments were posted.

Feel Me?

But all in the same note.. Its all about sharing new, old, & different sh**. So here's a lil somethin somethin...

When you click on the link, scroll down to find the post. :)

J-Heart : Onde Acoustique (Soundwaves in French)

Love u all.. Enjoy!!


toiletries said...

Here's an FB group all about that stuff:

J-Heart said...

Good lookin out.