Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sucka for Swag..

Yes, I love this Mixshow. Its on every Sunday night from 9-11pm pst on Sirius radio. On the Hip-Hop Nation Station. I was actually flippin threw channels when I heard a track called "Burn Rubber" remixed by my boy Dam-Funk playin on this Station. My radio has a feature which can record songs so I immediatley started recording the whole show to see what it has to offer. I can now tell you I have been hooked from the jump. Its an addiction I NOW have on Sunday nights.

Good music lives!! The download below is the actual show I am describing above.

DJ Jamad-Afromentals Mixshow 1.25.09 Hour 1

DJ Jamad-Afromentals Mixshow 1.25.09 Hour 2


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