Thursday, March 5, 2009

Smith & Mighty. Take Notes

How can u resist? Madd Sound Steeze with combined elements. Smith & Mighty definitley has me @ the palm of their hands.
Smith & Mighty are a Drum & Bass/Trip hop group from Bristol, consisting of Rob Smith, Ray Mighty and Peter D Rose. Long before Bristol had become a recognized stronghold for downtempo trip-hop and spy-soundtrack dubs, the duo of Rob Smith and Ray Mighty teamed in the late '80s for two early breakbeat tracks, "Walk on By" and "Anyone Who Had a Heart." The anachronistic fusion of sophisticated Burt Bacharach productions with laidback hip-hop prefigured trip-hop's later fascination with the more polished end of '60s adult-pop. The pair also produced the Top Ten hit "Wishing on a Star" for the Fresh Fours, then signed with ffrr Records (who were looking for a production team with crossover abilities similar to Soul II Soul).

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