Monday, February 23, 2009

On some other ish...

14KT just laced me with his whole album. This definitely brings back the feeling of hip hop for me, it is pretty sick. He has a track which he sampled one of my favorite artist in the early 90s, See if you can guess which one it is. It threw me off guard for a minute. He's a Detroit kid and will be making his way out here next month. He will be in LA for a min, then he has a show with Buff1 in San Francisco. Please check him out! You will thank me later.

The Golden Hour is defined as: the first sixty minutes, after the occurrence of major multisystem trauma. This album serves as an introduction to the unorthodox genius of 14KT, and is the first of several solo full length albums already completed.

My selection for the day. Peep game.

14KT- The Inside ft Tiffany Paige

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