Sunday, February 8, 2009

On The Prowl...

Happy Birthday Dilla! That should it explain it all. A few friends from Soul Scienz organize a monthly event called Boom Box . Lastnite's event was with J.rocc, House Shoes, and Illa J. With all the rain everyone was still in the house @ the Grand Star Jazz Club by 10pm with a line out to the parking lot.

I have never seen this place crackin that early. As I walked in, Rob.C was nice on the jazz selection. Along side with Ben Diggin, and One Man Jazz.

Plann.B , and Boom Box Residents Rob.C and Ben Diggin in the house. As well as the rest of LA and out of towners in for the Dilla gathering.

I had to leave for my next joint but got the drop from the homie @ Soundwaves KPFK Abraham Beltran. J.rocc turned it out again, as always. He played original hits, samples, and beats that hit home. House Shoes played all exclusive unreleased songs. Amazing. Its always refreshing to hear good music, especially Hip-Hop, considering where its @ now.

Here is a lil clip from last night. Enjoy!

On the other side of town... The Noise Academy throws a monthly event called Senses @ The Terrace in Pasadena. Last nights guest selectors and selectress' were Giant Squid from SF, DJ Evoke, and myself. I walked in here and it took me a min to get to the DJ booth. This party was hype. High energy with everyone on the dance floor, and bartenders getting their hustle on with the over flow of intoxicated peeps. Can you handle it?

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